The Pioneers is indeed one of the Pioneers of Reggae Music.
Formed in the mid 60’s in Kingston, Jamaica, they were one of the first groups to have international hits in the new music genre called Reggae which followed Ska and Rock Steady. They were able to penetrate the European market with one of their many renderings of race horse songs called “Long Shot Kick de Bucket”. They followed up with a Jimmy Cliff penned song called “Let Your Yeah Be Yeah” which was a smash hit in Europe and Give and Take also by Jimmy Cliff.

This stalwart reggae group has had many successful tours around the world including Europe, Asia, North and South America and the Caribbean. Their works were covered by other international acts such as the Specials (Long Shot), Madness (Starvation), the Selector (Time Hard), the Beat (Jackpot), and UB 40 (Starvation). Recently (Summer 2005), the Pioneers performed at the Maranhao Roots Reggae Festival in San Luis, Brazil before 15,000 fans along with Tribe de Jah.

Despite the fact that they have been pleasing fans for the past four decades, the group members, Sydney, George and Jackie remain young and vibrant and still look forward to a long and lustrous career run.

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