Ode to the Pioneers
 By Inyaso ©

from the Best of the Pioneers, I Believe in Love… Lord knows that the World Needs Love.

We all know that Time Hard…when last was Money day?   We Rolled in Muddy Rivers, faced a Battled of the Giants and though it was a Long Shot, Yeah, we Catch de Jackpot but almost reached Starvation when Long Shot Bus de Bet but that’s life…you know whey dem say, Easy Come, Easy Go… Poor Rameses… the Lord Give and Take… Lord, Long Shot Kick de Bucket!

Oh, What a Feeling when you hear dem say Come On Over to My Place After Midnightuum what Sweet Dreams when they utter:  How I Always Want Your Love and Gimme Little Loving

No matter that those Pioneers have Anthology, they are also a Poor Man’s Son…they are cute and So Fine, them no need no Pusher Man nor no Habit.  So what if dem a Samfie Man? but guess wa?  Them can kill you with Reggae, for Lovers… and lick it back not one, two, three but four times.

My Special Prayer is when dem say: “I’m Gonna Knock on Your Door so we can Ride on the Pony Express.  Boy, I need that Freedom Feeling so they can take me Higher and Higher with such S-w-e-e-t Inspiration.

Individually and Collectively, George and Jackie will Sing Just For You and if that is not enough Singing Maxine and Jackie Pioneer would just finish you off.

Catch de Beat, man, Feel the Rhythm and Let Your Yeah Be Yeah!  Its your Destiny. Amen.




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